What is Pricing Slab for My Sub-Reseller?

When you sell different Products and Services to your Customers and Sub-Resellers, you would always want to work out a pricing strategy such that the pricing of your Customers and Sub-Resellers decreases as they buy more from you. The system allows you to set a Slab-based Pricing structure that allows you to do this automatically. The strategy is quite simple. You set certain Slabs of Total Receipt figures. The moment a Customer or Sub-Reseller of yours crosses these Slabs, the pricing for that client is reduced.

How to add menu slab for your sub-reseller ? Please following this steps :

  1. Login to your account click Menu > Settings > Manage Products and Pricing
    Click “Manage Price”
    manage price
  2. Click Sub-reseller Pricing
  3. Find “Manage Slab”
  4. Setup slab to your sub-reseller :
    Click ‘Save Slabs’Check your setup :

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