How to Purchase or Renew Privacy Protection?

To purchase or renew Privacy protection, follow  the steps below: Go to the domain menu, Find your domain name and click it Find the Privacy Protection in Domain Information box, and click ‘Buy Privacy’ You will find  the Privacy Protection Setting, and click ‘Buy Now’ Execute your order Your order successfully […]

What is DNSSEC?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a distributed database, arranged hierarchically, containing records for domain names. This system  is for matching a domain name to an IP Address. When you are typing a domain name in a browser, the DNS will translate the domain name to an IP Address. Vulnerabilities were discovered […]

Why is the redemption fee so high?

It cannot be agreed if redemption is so high. This is set by the upstream Registrar and Domain Registry. To avoid the redemption fee, we highly recommend you to take all precautions. Pay attention to the expiration for avoiding the redemption.  

Why I Can Not Transfer My Domain Name?

There are several cases where a domain name cannot be transferred. These can happen in the following circumstances: Your domain name is less than 60 days old. The registry will reject your domain transfer request automatically. Your previous domain transfer request is less than 60 days. If you have transferred […]